Bruce Everett Art Studio

At the same time we, Odenwald Construction, were building the Everett’s craftsman style home we also built a large, traditional barn on the property for Bruce Everett to use as his working art studio. The large interior space is respectful of what his, sometimes massive (up to 8×11 feet), oil paintings require. The space is designed well and even with its mass, the layout, scale and properly proportioned art keep it very inviting. 

For me Bruce Everett’s landscapes have a way of capturing the rural California that we love. Many of his newer paintings are local landscapes although it is obvious in Bruce’s previous work he has been inspired by similar terrains for a long time.  Whether it be his small plein airs or large masterpieces you are drawn into the images and you will leave in awe.    

Bruce Everett has been a professional artist (oil paintings) for over 40 years and has spent much of those years also as a college art professor.   His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in New York, Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, San Francisco, Paris, Seattle, Oregon, Connecticut and Texas.  Bruce’s paintings are in numerous public, private and corporate collections.

Locally you can purchase and view some of Bruce’s art by arranging a private viewing at his studio (call or email through his website) or if you are in Southern California at the Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica.

For building or design questions please email

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